WEDO members

WEDO members are individuals who share the same concern about the environment and water problems in the Middle East. The members are a multi- disciplinary group of people from different background and fields of interest and expertise.Members meet to serve the wider interest on cooperation action for environmental and natural resource protection, and the goals of WEDO in particular.

Every three years the member association elects a new Board. Every year it reviews and endorses the policy of the organization presented by the Board. All members are invited to participate in WEDO workshops and campaigns. They receive regular WEDO publications. Members may also be invited to become WEDO advisors and join its activities.


Through research, education and working closely with the community and our partners, we envision a future of true sustainability achieved through best practices in water and sanitation treatment and environmental protection.


Palestinian Organization concerned with the protection of the local and regional natural resources and environment. WEDO also shares the concerns of the Global Environment.

WEDO Advisory Experts

Advisors of WEDO are individuals who are either members of the organization or independent experts who have agreed to provide WEDO occasionally and upon request with a second opinion on its activities.