About Auja Eco Center


Al Auja is a small town in the Jordan Valley, about 15 kilometers from Jericho. Until recently, Al Auja spring provided enough water to enable agriculture to flourish in the region and serve as the main source of income for most of the 5000 people living here. However, issues like climate change and unfair distribution have made water extremely scarce and difficult to access, thereby ruining people’s livelihoods.

The Al Auja Environmental Education Center aims to tackle the problems of water scarcity, environmental degradation and resulting lack of job opportunities through concrete activities such as

  • raising environmental awareness
  • providing training and consultation in the field of environmental conservation strategies
  • monitor and research current developments
  • generating “green” job opportunities


Our Mission

We would love to share with you what’s happening here at the center – how our projects progress, which activities we offer, when we have special events coming up as well as random stories from our daily working life in Al Auja. Get an impression of the beautiful Jordan valley our center is located in and which projects we had going on in the past by browsing our photo albums and dive deeper into the topic of environmental conservation using the sources we provide as a starting point.


Auja Center Address

Auja Village, Jericho, West Bank

Webpage: www.aujaecocenter.org