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Thursday, Apr 17th

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We would like to introduce WEDO, a Palestinian Organization concerned with the protection of the local and regional natural resources and environment. WEDO also shares the concerns of the Global Environment.

WEDO was initiated by a group of professionals in water, sanitation, environment with a practical as well as academic background in various disciplines.

Our main objective is to fill the growing gap between scientific research and policy recommendations concerning water, wastewater, solid waste management and environmental protection on the one hand, and the absence of the applications of this knowledge and policies on the other hand.

We believe it is essential for the promotion and introduction of low cost technologies in the community, that the appropriateness of these technologies are demonstrated for and by those people who finally have to decide whether they want to maintain the systems. For that purpose we chose to work in close cooperation with the local communities, municipalities and NGO’s.

WEDO has advisory group of experts in water, sanitation and environment which represents those actors in the Palestinian society who are active on the issues of water and sanitation.

WEDO has a main interest in water conservation, sanitation, wastewater treatment and reuse and the protection of wildlife. We are part of a growing group of international institutions whose first concern is to control the water demand and to protect the environment and natural resources.

WEDO applies low-cost and decentralized technologies whenever possible in order to enable recycling and reuse of various wastes (liquid and solid wastes) by its producers (for irrigation, cooling, cleaning, flushing, composting, etc.). The concept behind these systems is to approach the wastes as a resource rather than a waste.

WEDO has distinguished itself from other NGO’s by focusing on waste issues, low cost and small - medium size technologies and working in close cooperation with the project owners, NGO’s and the Palestinian National and Local authorities.

Our strategy is centered around demonstration, based on applied activities and support by awareness programs and training of professionals.

The initiative of establishing WEDO has been regarded by the other NGO’s and the Palestinian relevant authorities (mainly the Palestinian Environmental Authority) as highly relevant. Our sharp and specific focus allows us to be engaged in cooperation with many other Palestinian, Jordanian, Israeli and international non-governmental organizations without stepping on their feet or posing a threat to their field of operation and interest.

WEDO seeks to continue improving and developing joint research-demonstration programs with local, regional and international partners.

Contact information

Bethlehem - Palestine, P.O box 421 , , Phone number : 00972-22747948 Mobile : 00972-592123657

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